Monday, October 20, 2008

Huckabee Invokes Obama Drug Use

TIME magazine reports HERE
In an interview with KY3 News Monday, former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee said Barack Obama's admission of past drug use is a relevant issue in the campaign.
"Can you tell me anybody that sorted out who it was that supplied Barack Obama the drugs that he claimed in his own book to have taken? No," said Huckabee when asked about what issues are relevant in the campaign.
Huckabee goes on: "If Joe The Plumber's back taxes are relevant, a guy who's just playing football in his neighborhood, than everything is relevant."
Huckabee held a rally with Republican candidate for Treasurer Brad Lager in Springfield Monday afternoon.


Unknown said...

I don’t believe this SO-CALLED-PREACHER!!! No wonder he has lost so credibility in Arkansas!!!

Unknown said...

This is non-sense. This so-called conservative Christians will stoop to anything to steal the race. What won’t the Republicans do to win? I don’t see Country First in anything they do!!!

A Real Christian!!

Brad said...

Pelosi - Obama - Reid: The Axis of Taxes

Paul Seale said...

Nice way to slant the story, Dave.

I was listening to Guiliani in the morning and he was refering to the media bias and how the New York Times went after Cindy McCain, but failed to apply the same standard to Obama.

I would say I am shocked, but I ain't.

I am very sorry to say things are typicaly one sided with many of the facts missing.

Is so headlines can fit an agenda or just sloppy journalism. I cant say for sure, but its up to the viewers to decide.

Thanks in advance

nrobyar said...

Tena, Governor Huckabee has CERTAINLY not lost credibility, quite the contrare!! He is the most listened to politician around these days and the most respected! His new Fox show is the number one cable show. You can bet what he says is taken seriously by ALL who hear because he has ALWAYS proven to be fair and unbiased. Huckabee is the role model all politicians should aspire to be like....

Mimi Brown said...

This isn't about Christianity or a preacher. It's about the facts such as: It was the DEMOCRATS who have supported ACORN. Now who is trying to steal the election?
Bush's DWI was important but Obama's drug use isn't?
McCain's skin cancer is an issue but Biden's brain aneurysms aren't?
NOW.....tell me about bias!

MimiB said...

Does the name ACORN mean anything to you "tena"? Tell me about stealing an election!!!!

And why is McCain's skin cancer an issue but Biden's brain aneurysms are off limits?

And why was Bush's DWI an issue but Obama's drug use isn't?

And why are the DEMOCRATS making this a racial issue by threats and intimidations for those who disagree?

Wake up America!!!!! DON'T BE SO IGNORANT!