Monday, December 07, 2009

Jetton in Probable Cause: "You Should've Said Green Balloons"

Former Republican Speaker Rod Jetton apparently established the safe word "green ballons" to stop intercourse with the woman he's charged with assaulting, according to the probable cause statement released by the Scott County Circuit Court Monday.
Ky3 News isn't releasing the accuser's name because of the nature of the allegation involved.
But according to the probable cause, Jetton met with the woman in the evening on November 15th. Jetton discussed having intercourse with the woman earlier in the day over the phone.
Jetton went to the woman's residence in Sikeston, Mo. with two bottles of wine, according to the report.
"(The woman) said she did not see him pour the wine because she did not follow him into the kitchen, but he returned to the living room and handed her a glass of wine. (The woman) remembers watching a football game and said once she finished the glass of wine, she began 'fading' in and out and remembered losing consciousness several times during the evening," wrote Detective Bethany McDermott in her report.
McDermott reports that Jetton and the woman agreed on a safe word of "green ballons" to use as a stop word during intercourse.
"(The woman) recalls Jetton hitting her on the face very hard. She then remembers waking up, lying on the floor and Jetton was choking her. (The woman) said she did not know what happened with her memory because she had been drunk but had never had the blank spots in her memory," McDermott reported.
"(The woman) said Jetton stayed the night with her and when he woke up he gave her a kiss and said, 'You should have said green balloons.' Jetton left the woman's residence and had not returned," McDermott added.
McDermott reported that a Sikeston police officer reported seeing bruises on the woman, including on the outside of both thighs and around her breast.
The police officer observed the bruises to the woman and took photographs for evidence on November 18th.
Jetton is currently a political consultant in Jefferson City.
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Unknown said...

He's obviously innocent. She should have just said 'green balloons'. I guess that's what he gets for dating outside his class.