Thursday, October 04, 2007

Steve Helms Unlikely to Run Against Lampe Again

Former Republican candidate for the #138th district Steve Helms tells the KY3 Political Notebook he's unlikely to mount another campaign against Rep. Sara Lampe in 2008.

Helms said he plans to remain involved in politics, and expects to run for state legislature one day in the future -- but stressed that 2008 is probably a no-go.

"Sara's really done nothing that would make people vote against her," Helms said. "So unless she really messes up or until she's term-limited, it's really a waste to run."

Lampe easily defeated Helms in 2006, 58%-42%.

Helms also said he's backing Fred Thompson for President. "I agree with him on his principles, unity, prosperity, security," Helms said, railing off the slogan on Thompson's campaign stickers.

He said he's concerned with Mitt Romney's past positions on healthcare in Massachusetts and has problems with Rudy Giuliani's social and 2nd amendment views.

"I don't know why all of the pundits say Fred isn't doing well. He's in the top 3 everywhere I look," Helms noted. "The majority of the people I talk to support Fred Thompson," he said.


Steve Helms said...

Just to clarify…
When I was quoted as saying that Lampe has done nothing for voters to vote her out, I should have said, she has done nothing new or different. She still advocates for huge increases in educational spending, when no study has shown any correlation between higher spending and better results. She still supports more state control over our local schools. She wants government run healthcare. To accomplish these goals and save the masses from themselves, taxes would have to increase like we’ve never seen before.
One of the questions David asked me was, wouldn’t it be OK to spend a little more on this program (S-chip)? What is noble or inherently good about taking money from one person to give to another? That is not to say government should not be supported by its citizens.
The problem is there is no dollar amount that will satisfy government run education or healthcare. However much is pumped in, will be spent regardless of the results. The only system that will work is when individuals are responsible for themselves and have a stake in the cost. The old saying, “There is no free lunch” is as true today as anytime.

Busplunge said...

So glad to see that Steve has been able to reconcile losing the election....
oh, never mind.