Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Blunt Confronts Billboard

Congressman Roy Blunt held a news conference in Tuesday to point out that the left-wing group that's paying for a billboard in downtown Springfield is an ally of his Democratic opponent for U.S. Senate.
"This billboard behind us is also paid for by a group who's list of supporters contributed to the Carnahan campaign," said Blunt, standing under the billboard near Benton and Phelps Streets.
The billboard, paid for by the Missouri Progressive Coalition, notes that Blunt has taken $556,682 from the insurance industry and asks: "Is that why he won't take our side on health care reform?"
"This billboard would ask me to be on the side Missourians are not on in the healthcare fight," said Blunt.
He also said "you can't take any money from the insurance industry in federal campaigns."
"You take money from people who may work in insurance," he said, noting contributions he's received from his life insurance and property agent.
ALSO: Notes that Democrat Robin Carnahan has taken "$10,000 in the last few months from lobbyists who work for the insurance industry."
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Kris said...

You left out the part where he waves his hand and says "These aren't the droids you're looking for."

gumshoe said...


Roy did not deny taking the money.

Though, to be fair -- Roy has been a politican since 1972 -- when Sanford & Son premiered on NBC.

After spending decades in Washington, Roy has suddenly been in Missouri enough to learn that there is now a Progressive Coalition throughout the state.

Let's take a look at your track record Roy.