Thursday, October 04, 2007

Blunt's Nuanced Position on SCHIP

Does Gov. Matt Blunt support a $10 billion dollar expansion of the state children's health insurance program (S-CHIP) vetoed by President Bush?

He's not exactly saying.

Spokesperson Jessica Robinson said Blunt supports reauthorization of the S-CHIP program -- but not exactly the one that a bipartisan Congress sent to President Bush.

Robinson said Blunt doesn't not support a bill that would raise taxes. She's referring to a 61-cent tax increase on a pack of cigarettes that would pay for the S-CHIP expansion.

Blunt is opposed to that, so it would make sense that he agrees with the President's veto.

Robinson wouldn't go that far.

"He hasn't made a comment on that," Robinson said.

So Blunt supports reauthorization of some S-CHIP program -- just like everybody does -- but not one that increases taxes. Robinson said the Governor is urging Congress to "come together to reauthorize the program."

You can get the gist of it, but not exactly straight talk here.

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