Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tommy Sowers: Live From New York

Two former U.S. Senators helped host a fundraiser in New York City Monday night for 8th District Democratic Congressional candidate Tommy Sowers.

Sen. Bob Kerrey and Sen. Bill Bradley joined Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels and other stars from the show at the event for Sowers.

In a FACEBOOK message, Sowers thanked the attendees: "Great friends from Duke, SF, West Point, humbling introductions from Sen Kerrey and Bradley, lots of new folks, and SNL cast (Lorne/Seth/Kristen/Jason) made for a fantastic first NYC fundraiser. Keep spreading the word."

The fundraiser and meet & greet on West 55th Street was sponsored by Democratic Leadership for the 21st Century of New York.
Sowers is challenging Republican Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson in the 8th District.
ALSO: Kerrey, who is Sowers' national finance chair, also sent out a fundraising e-mail for Sowers: "Throughout his decorated career as an Army officer, our friend Tommy Sowers has exhibited the attributes of leadership that our nation so desperately needs in public life: patriotism, honesty, and strength of character. A man of action and not just words, Tommy leads by example and exemplifies the vital notions of duty and personal responsibility---both so important, yet so rare to find. That is why it is with our highest possible recommendation, we are honored to support his candidacy for the U.S. Congress," wrote Kerrey and Jack Jacobs, retired U.S. Army.
"It is unfortunate that in the American political process the margin of victory is determined not by the quality of the candidate but the requirement for substantial resources. So, right from the start, we need to help Tommy Sowers level the playing field and give him the chance of a fair fight," the e-mail continues.
Asked by The Notebook whether the campaign saw any drawbacks from raising so much money out-of-state, spokesman Jonathan Feifs responded, "Our candidate is raising money from individuals. Unlike former insurance lobbyist Jo Ann Emerson, he can't call other corporate lobbyist friends for contributions."
"Most of Jo Ann Emerson's money is from K Street lobbyists and corporate PACS. I think the symbolism here is our contributors are from individuals," Feifs.
ON SNL Cast Support: "Lorne Michaels was a guest lecturer at West Point in Tommy Sowers' class and has been a supporter of Tommy Sowers, since the campaign began," said Feifs.
The GOP blog The Source recently outlined Sowers' out-of-district contributions. The blog noted that only 11% of Sowers' contributions came from people who can vote for him.
Emerson's campaign declined to comment.


Unknown said...

While Tommy Sowers might be viewed as an eloquent and brave hero, which he very well might be, where is his experience in the political arena begin? The 8th district of Missouri is not the 10th poorest district because a republican has held office there since 1996. It is the 10th poorest district because it is vastly agricultural, rural and lagging in modern day technology. While Sowers might seem like the perfect Democratic candidate, I do not believe southeast missouri needs an advocate in Washington for higher taxes and more government regulations. What sets this district a part from others is its eagerness to work, its strong core beliefs and its conservative family values.

gumshoe said...

if the folks in the district are primarily low income, then Missouri families in the 8th should be fine... being that very few likely make $250,000 or more.

When has Sowers stated he wanted to raise taxes on working families? I don't think disillusioned statements and advocation of politics as usual like yours fir the family values of District 8.

Unknown said...

I will respectfully say that we do not need a San Francisco style politician here in Southern Missouri.

In fact, according to an interview in the Southeast Missourian, Sowers openly supports the $1.2 trillion overhaul of our current health care system, which we know will only create jobs through beurocracies and slowly eliminate the private sector. He is also an advocate for Nancy Pelosi's Cap and Trade bill, which was the highest tax increase passed through Congress in American History.

While some might be critical of her friends in Washington, Jo Ann has voted for:
-$46 bil.in small business tax cuts
-Reduce capital gains tax
-Phaseout death tax
-Tax incentives for education & new schools, just to name a few.

gumshoe said...

Folks are sick of career politicans and former lobbyists like Jo Ann Emerson (who has receieved over 54% of her total contributions from PAC's) run things business as usual.

Our families won't stand for politicans voting against health protection for Missouri families. Insurance companies like AFLAC and other corporations are writing Emerson checks... while writing off our family members, friends, and neighbors who have pre-existing conditions.

If Emerson wants to run against Pelosi, she should move to San Francisco. In the mean time, she should worry about running against a homegrown veteran who has spent over a decade in the army fighting to protect us.

With over 10 years experience serving and defending our country, and training others to do the same -- that's the kind of leadership we need right now.

Emerson's art of attaining massive amounts of PAC dollars isn't the experience I'm looking for.

Unknown said...

Sowers seems like the new face we need here. I'm sick and tired of the same old from Emerson, who seems more and more oblivious to the interests of the real men and women in our district. Some things are black and white, and one of those things is Emerson's increasingly obvious distance from her constituents.

She's had a decade without a serious challenge, and it's had a perfectly logical effect - she doesn't feel threatened, doesn't feel like she's really going to be held accountable for her VOTES rather than her RHETORIC.

The dems haven't put anyone worth a dime up against Emerson until now, and i'm personally pretty excited to see how Emerson's record is going to shrivel and die when exposed to a little light.