Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Carnahan Declines Position on Healthcare Bill

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Robin Carnahan declined stating her position on the House healthcare bill, telling the Associated Press she is both excited and concerned about the legislation.
According to the wire service, Carnahan says she has concerns about whether the bill does enough to make health care affordable. But she says she is excited about the debate and calls the House vote an important first step.
National Republican Senatorial Committee Reacts: "Even for Robin Carnahan, this tap dance does not pass the straight face test. She’s running to represent Missourians in the U.S. Senate, yet Carnahan is unable or unwilling to articulate her position on one of the most important issues facing the families, seniors, and small businesses in her state," said NRSC spokeswoman Amber Wilkerson Marchand in a statement.

VIDEO is ALWAYS BETTER: And Capitol Calling has got it.
"I think that's not goint to be what we ultimately pass," Carnahan said on the healthcare legislation.
ALSO: Caranahan never specifically answers Jason Rosenbaum's question on the anti-abortion Stupak amendment. Only says she doesn't think a healthcare bill should turn into a debate "over abortion."

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gumshoe said...

Carnahan, look at the national trend from 2009. When you don't fire up the base, they stay home.

You have given democrats no meat to work with you.

May I recommend that any Democrat supporting Carnhahan hold off on supporting her until she decides?

If you really want to help out a Democratic U.S. Senator, lets get an early start on fueling McCaskill's coffers.