Saturday, October 28, 2006

Post-Dispatch: Voters Support All 3 Initiatives

According to polling by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Missouri voters could approve all three statewide ballot initiatives in just 9 days.

Support 51%
Oppose 35%
Undecided 14%

In Southwest Missouri, voters oppose the measure 54% to 35%.

Support 63%
Oppose 29%
Undecided 8%

In Southwest Missouri, voters support the measure 52% to 39%.

Support 53%
Oppose 34%
Undecided 13%

In Southwest Missouri, voters oppose the measure 50% to 42%.

The minimum wage hike looks like it has the best shot at passing. If the wage hike was a politician, and it's opponent was at 29% at this point in the race, politicos would call it a done deal. By looking at this polling, it would take an election night stunner to shoot down the minimum wage hike.

The other two remain dicey. Undecideds are in the double-digits and stem cells seems very fluid and apt to turn on turnout.

So, bring your predictions henceforth. Which will pass, which will fail?


boyd said...

I am not going to guess what will pass or fail, but I have yet to talk to anyone who really understands the stem cell question. I even had a lawyer tell me he had read it and was confused. I don't know what percentage of people use tobacco, but I assume most people will not vote to increase THEIR taxes, and the mimium wage issue may cause a pity/guilt response from most people. This poll does show the disconnect between the Ozarks and the rest of the state.

The Libertarian Guy said...

All three of these issues play on emotions, rather than logic. It's sad that more voters don't do more thinking instead of emoting.

Anonymous said...

boyd said...

"This poll does show the disconnect between the Ozarks and the rest of the state."

Without a doubt.

The Libertarian Guy said...

"This poll does show the disconnect between the Ozarks and the rest of the state"

People up north, from what I've seen on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch "Political Fix" forums, view anyone downstate as a bunch of drooling bumpkins*, then have the gall to criticize us for voicing displeasure about how WE helped fund their domed stadium.

Well, maybe next time, they can use their OWN money, instead of ours.

*They have a point, if they're talking about the write-in candidate for the 7th Congressional...

Rev Chris M Fluharty said...

Libertarian Guy- They do not think because our public indoctrination centers do not teach critical thinking. They are taught to think how the society tells them to. Any marketing agent will tell you to play on the heart more then the mind. Even McDonald's is doing this. The NEA has done a good job programing the averege citizen to be a mindless zombies. This is why the poll numbers are so different. our SW Missuri society is very different then St Louis society. If people actually thought then we'd have the Constitution Party and the Libertarian Party in office to some degree because we actually follow the Constitution, unlike the republocrats. Instaed we are told the only the two big parties have the answers and the majority of the people blindly follow this false primise.