Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Group Ramps Up For Ban On Real Estate Transfer Taxes

A statewide group is trying to head off a tax currently collected in 37 states -- but NOT Missouri.
It's considered a pre-emptive strike against a tax that could hit you if you sell your home.

It's called the real estate transfer tax -- and Missouri realtors call it unfair double taxation. That's why they're getting behind a ballot initiative to change the constitution to bar it from ever coming to Missouri.


The group, "Vote Yes to Stop Double Taxation" needs about 230,000 signatures by May to get the proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot.

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Unknown said...

The Missouri Association of REALTORS has been working hard to make sure Missourian's are protected from yet another burden and tax when it comes to buying or selling real estate- a transfer tax...I did a post about it with the detaisl at:


There is a website that has been launched to give Missourians information on this effort...details and a link to the site can be found at: