Monday, February 09, 2009

Without Reassurances, Rupp Will Continue To Delay Martinez

Sen. Scott Rupp, (pictured right), says he'll continue to delay the nomination of Economic Development nominee Linda Martinez until the Nixon administration gives him sufficient reassurances that she'll enforce state illegal immigration laws.
Rupp lead a filibuster of Martinez last week because of concerns about how she'll handle tax credits for businesses found to be hiring illegal immigrants.
"If you're thinking is that a law is not constitutional, and I don't have to follow that. I'd like to see you put your John Hancock here on paper," Rupp said, referring to Martinez's role in arguing against the ability of a St. Louis area community to craft their own illegal immigration law.
Rupp has asked the Governor's Chief of Staff to sign a document pledging that Martinez will follow the law. "He basically said there's no way we're doing that," Rupp explained.
*Senate debate on Martinez is likely to resume Tuesday.*
When asked if he'll continue to filibuster, Rupp replied, "I wouldn't see why I wouldn't continue my talks on the floor. If Ms. Martinez can't give us the proper reassurances, there will be several others that won't be able to agree to this."
"It's not like we're delaying something else," Rupp said, noting there is only one bill scheduled for debate Tuesday. "It's not like she can't work. She's the acting director. We've just delayed her formal confirmation until she can give us these reassurances."

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