Friday, February 06, 2009

Count Her In

Former State Treasurer Sarah Steelman will most likely run for the U.S. Senate in 2010, but a formal announcement is not expected soon, the KY3 Political Notebook has learned.
Two Republican sources close to Steelman say after weeks of laying the groundwork, Steelman is "very, very likely" going to run for outgoing Sen. Kit Bond's seat.

"She is continuing to meet with people across the state. She's being encouraged by many supporters to run. She has had some great meetings in D.C. and around the state," says one source. "Her message is about reform, transparency and accountability in government. That message is relevant now more than ever before."

Pressed on how certain Steelman is about a run, the source responded: "Anything can happen, but this is very, very likely."

The source also noted that Steelman has more meetings in Washington scheduled for the coming weeks. Speculation that the State Treasurer might be interested in a race for Auditor or the 7th Congressional Seat were dismissed.

Former Steelman staffer Lucas Case is already attempting to gin up enthusiasm on his FACEBOOK page: "Sarah Steelman is running," he writes.

This signal from the Steelman brigades likely sets up a Republican primary showdown between two infamous Missouri political families, The Steelmans and The Blunts. Congressman Roy Blunt is expected to jump into the 2010 contest as well. A spokesman for former Senator Jim Talent did not return calls for comment.

Steelman herself did not return a call for comment.


Mike said...

Questions: Has she taken a speaking class? How does she raise the money to be competitive? Her strength in the primary is the same area that Roy is as strong or stronger. How does she then go take St. Louis away from Roy with less money than he has? How does she keep KC in her pocket without Jeff Roe and his Graves connections? Is Jeff Roe running this race or is it David Steelman? One person makes her competitive, the other makes her insane... I'll leave it to you to decide which is which.

Unknown said...

Hey is your answer.

Roy Blunt voted for and led Republicans to pass the first bailout, even though his fellow Republicans voted it down. Then he went and pushed on for the second bailout. Blunt is done- stick a fork in him. He will lose SW Missouri. Your attempts to frame the race with who has speaking ability and who has more money is a waste. Roy Blunt is NO conservative, he went against tens of thousands of voters in his own district who sent letters, emails and made phone calls begging him not to vote for the bailouts, he voted YES anyway. Robin Carnahan will use this against him and absolutely CRUSH him in the General.

Sarah Steelman is a true fiscal conservative with an educational background to match. It will take a woman to beat a woman in 2010 and not to mention Sarah Steelman has the support of many more Independents in the General election than Blunt will have.

We need a leader, not a political party insider.

Last, Roy Blunt pushed and pushed Hulshof in the 7th District, Steelman won it anyway. Conservatives are sick and tired of Roy Blunt here in Springfield and that proved it - he has no pull.