Friday, February 06, 2009

No Formal Blunt Announcement Expected Saturday


Sen. Kit Bond and Congressman Roy Blunt are both expected to address the noon luncheon at University Plaza.

A Republican insider with ties to the Congressman says it's unlikely Blunt will make a formal announcement of a candidacy for U.S. Senate at the event. Statewide Lincoln Days in Kansas City two weeks from now is a more likely venue for a potential Blunt announcement, says the source.

Sarah Steelman, who is sending strong smoke signals about a run for U.S. Senate will not be in attendance. She has a previous commitment to take her son to quarterback camp in St. Louis, according to a family friend. Former U.S. Senator Jim Talent is not expected to be in attendance and it's unclear what his intentions are for 2010. One Republican insider says he believes Talent is waiting to watch what Steelman does before making his own move. Others believe Talent will defer to 2012 for a re-match against Sen. Claire McCaskill.

(QUICK QUESTION: Who does a 3-way help or hurt? Would Talent's entry hurt Blunt or Steelman? Would Steelman have a better shot at dethroning Blunt with Talent in or out?)

THE 7th: Which potential candidates to replace Roy Blunt are out prominently glad-handing? Rep. Shane Schoeller, Sen. Jack Goodman, Sen. Gary Nodler and Rep. B.J. Marsh are all potentials. (But pssst . . . not everybody really thinking about it has said so publicly . . . More later . . .)

ENOUGH WITH THE ATMOSPHERICS . . . WHAT ABOUT THE PROGRAM?: As far as the event itself, former Greene County Commission candidate Lincoln Hough, Rep. Eric Burlison and Blunt staffer Miles Ross will hold an 11 a.m. forum about what it takes to become a G.O.P. candidate.

Rep. Bob Dixon, who has said he'll run for the 30th District Senate seat in 2010, will co-host a second forum with State Sen. Norma Champion to look at 2009 legislative issues.

New State Party Chairman David Cole is also expected to speak during the noon hour.

The always lovely and personable Ann Compton is chairing the event.

Oh, and they'll announce Greene County's Republican of the Year
(We're betting it's not Mark Wright)
{BTW: What's it about Wrights and dogs?}

The event is slated to conclude at 1:30 p.m. Registration is required to attend.

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