Friday, February 06, 2009

KC Dem Blasts Jobs Bill As "A Giveaway"

A Kansas City Democrat says the jobs bill passed this week by the Missouri House and backed by Governor Jay Nixon "will do nothing to create jobs," and calls it "an irresponsible giveaway" to corporate interests.
Rep. Beth Low was one of just 19 House members to vote against HB191.

"We needed to take a stand against corporate welfare," Low said in a statement. "It is time for Missouri to get serious about progressive solutions to the economic problems that were created by the same type of ineffective policies that the House passed today. We cannot solve our economic problems with the same failed economic policies that got us into the current recession."
Low said that House Republicans blocked an amendment that would have required tax break recipients to refund their subsidies if they fail to create new jobs.

"As the bill stands, businesses don’t need to prove taxpayers are getting a return on their investment," Low said. "Taxpayers have absolutely no protection in this bill. Enough is enough. I will continue to oppose legislation that fails to protect taxpayers and refuses to acknowledge the failures of past economic development packages by repeating past mistakes."
ON MONDAY: Gov. Nixon will tout the legislation with Republican Senate Leader Charlie Shields at an event in St. Joseph.

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