Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pregnancy Care Center Gets $250K in Tax Credits

The Blunt administration is sending $250,000 in state tax credits to Springfield's Pregnancy Care Center, one of the leading anti-abortion organizations in the region.

The Governor made the announcement in a release today. Four non-profits from around the state will get a total of $499,700 from the Missouri Department of Economic Development as part of the "Neighborhood Assistance Program."

Blunt's release states the Pregnancy Care Center will use the credits to conduct " a capital campaign for the acquisition and renovation of a new facility."

"The new facility will allow them to expand programming and capacity. Once renovated, the organization expects to serve 1,900 teens and young adults per year through one or more of its health and medical-related programs. These include healthy pregnancy classes; an ultrasound program; smoke-free babies; mentoring and enrichment programs; fatherhood program; adoption education; and abstinence and prevention education," reads the release.

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The Lorax said...

I'm sure he couldn't have funded the Kitchen or behavioral health for children... he had to pick something that is SO partisan it's not even funny.

Nice job.