Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Harris Zeros In on Koster's Dough and "Right Wing Rex"

Democratic Attorney General candidate Jeff Harris is taking aim at Sen. Chris Koster for the way he raised much of his money for his own Attorney General candidacy.

In a stinging release today, Harris called Koster "a wholly-owned subsidiary of the biggest enemy of public education in this state, Rex Sinquefield and the Show-Me Institute."
Harris even goes as far as to call some of the contributions illegal and is calling on Koster to return the dough.
More on Sinquefield's money can be found by number-cruncher Randy Turner here and the St. Louis Post-Dispatch here.

The Harris campaign blasts Koster for accepting contributions of $1,275 from at least "76 of the new 100 Sinquefield-funded PACs, and at least $2,500 of indirect contributions through committees."

“My opponent thumbs his nose at Democratic values when he allows himself to be bought and paid for by a conservative ideologue and think tank that trashes public education, praises pay day loan sharks and opposes universal access to health care,” Harris said. “I have a long and strong relationship with educators around the state and have fought tirelessly to protect and fund our public schools. You don’t fix public education by starving it. That is what my opponent supports by standing with ideologues like Right Wing Rex.”

Harris said Koster will learn the lesson the hard way at the polls next August.

"Instead of honoring and upholding the law, Koster has spent his time and energy trying to skirt it by laundering contributions from his big-money, right-wing benefactor to pay for GOP hatchet men still on his payroll. Of course Koster, the Republican, showed his true colors when he voted against campaign contribution limits," Harris blasted.


Tony said...

Finally someone that is willing to fight like hell for Democrats. Kick his ***.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Harris is a fighter and the right person for the job.

Big Muddy said...

more on Rex