Thursday, July 27, 2006

Mayor Collins To Respond

KY3 News has learned that Republic Mayor Jim Collins, who is running for the 134th legislative district seat, will hold a press conference today at 2 p.m. to discuss the recent ethics charges lobbed against him.

Collins is challenging Rep. Jim Viebrock for the Republican nomination Aug. 8th. Longtime educator Bob Bilyeu is also running for the seat.

This story is developing . . .


RepublicFamily said...

If it wasn't a story before (when Attorney Crites spoke at the Republic council meeting) it surely will be now since Collins has responded publicly.

I'll be interested to see if KY3 reports accurately both the merits of the charge as well as who is behind making the charge.

As others have said, this all seems like politics as usual which is why I'm leaning toward the only candidate in the 134th that is not a politician.

Tim said...

I'd like to see Charlie Denison hold a press conference to explain why he was busy figuring batting averages and ERAs on April 4th in St. Louis instead of being on the job in Jefferson City, doing what he was hired to do.