Thursday, July 27, 2006

See Steve Helms On A Segway

Steve Helms, one of two Republican candidates running in the #138 legislative district, is focusing on family values, local control in education and lower taxes as part of his campaign.

Those are some standard tenants in the Republican party right now. But on his campaign website . . . . . . Helms also some ideas on big issues.

He is most detailed on the immigration issue, calling the illegal flow into our country "unacceptable." He writes that he wants to bring illegal immigration back to a "manageable level." How? He talks about new laws that "encourage" law abiding people to come and discourage lawlessness. That seems vague. But Helms does call for the state to adopt a verification program that many employers use to screen for illegals before hiring them. He says a similar verification system could be used to screen immigrants before they get a driver's license, bank account or enroll in a public school.

On healthcare, Helms admits he "doesn't have all the answers." In his announcement speech, he talks about having a "Medicaid program to help the neediest." But Helms steers clear of his specific thoughts about how to reform Medicaid on his website. Helms says individuals should be able to have tax deductible health insurance. He also says he wants to reduce "needless coverage" that drives up costs. He also advocates health courts, which would provide a venue for unnecessary litigation.

Overall, Helms takes a stab at a few issues with some real ideas, rather than just offering up rhetoric. His website gives you the sense he is organized. A calendar invites you to meet Helms Monday at the Brentwood Library from 6-9 p.m. for a meet and greet.

And Helms is already trying to prove he's fiscally responsible, by riding a Segway while campaigning to save gas.


Takes two wings to fly straight said...

Fiscally responsible except for that 2004 Chapter 7 Bankruptcy (case number 03-604330abf7) where he and his businesses left honest creditors high and dry. How do you get that much credit card debt?

Captain Kirk's Hairpiece said...

Segways cost between $4000-$5000. Wouldn't it be more financially responsible just to walk while campaigning?

MrsThurstonHowell said...

He buzzed over to my house on that gizmo to tell me he was a family values guy. I thought George Jetson had just swooped in.