Monday, May 11, 2009

Nixon: Autism Issue Could Prompt Special Session

Governor Jay Nixon signaled that he'd consider calling a special legislative session if the House doesn't move on autism legislation by week's end.
"If they were not to get this done by 6 o'clock on Friday, I'd consider calling them back to take another shot at it," Nixon said at a news conference in Springfield Monday.
The Governor used the event to call on the Missouri House to take up legislation passed by the Senate, which would mandate insurance coverage for autism treatments. He said the vast majority of insurance plans available in Missouri offer no coverage for autism.
"The bill passed 29 to 2 in the Senate . . . In all due deference and respect to the position of the Speaker, I think the people of the state of Missouri have spoken very, very clearly on the issue," Nixon said.

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Kudos to the governor for taking a stand! No child with autism should be left wanting for treatment because their parents can't afford it.