Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tourism Complains About A Broken Funding Promise for Branson

*Watch additional interview clips from Sen. Jack Goodman and State Tourism Commission member Kelly Swanson above*
More than a month after the Governor promised new dollars for tourism, some in the Branson area are asking Jay Nixon to show them the money.
"To make a promise and then back out of that promise, is not very good. That's not doing a lot for the Governor as far as good will towards tourism," said Swanson, who owns the Port of Kimberling. "We're behind the 8-ball, and there's nothing we can do. We can't catch up," she said.
"The entire $1 million is being released, with the remainder to go out over the next several weeks. Since the money could not be spent all at once, there was not a need to release it all at once. Again, it's clear that the Governor is fulfilling his promise to release this money for Missouri tourism this fiscal year," said spokesman Scott Holste. "Neither the Governor nor the news release reference a majority of money going for Branson-specific promotion. The point of restoring the million dollars was to boost tourism statewide, with the Governor's expectation that attracting visitors to Branson and to the All-Star festivities in St.Louis would be the primary focus. We will continue to work with Tourism Commission toward these goals," Holste added.
ALSO In The Vid Above: Swanson said it's her understanding that Nixon requested that a portion of the funding go to the All-Star game as a condition for restoring the entire $1 million.

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