Monday, February 16, 2009

House To Take Up Spanking Bill

Protecting teachers who use spanking to discipline their students is a major provision in the first education bill the House will take up Tuesday.
Rep. Maynard Wallace is the sponsor of HB 96.
It passed out of committee 13-0.
Supporters say that these measures will make it possible for school employees to focus on teaching without worrying about litigation. But Rep. Sara Lampe said there may be a move to add an amendment to not allow spanking or any type of corporal punishment.
That could spark a battle over "local control."
The bill "expands the reporting of acts of violence to all teachers."
And Also: "expands employee imunity from correctly following discipline policies, to following all policies."
In October 2007, the Texas County prosecutor said he could not charge a teacher for bruising an 11-year-old because current state law says spanking is not abuse.


sherylb07 said...

More legislation to protect school districts $$$ from parents suing over injuries to their children. The same injuries that would land parents in jail for child abuse. It is a horrible double standard that sacrifices the physical and psychological well-being of children for instant submission to the adult wielding the wooden board.

Kids_First said...

Physical (Corporal) Punishment (Paddling with weapons/wooden boards) is the deliberate infliction of physical pain and suffering intended to punish schoolchildren and MUST BE ABOLISHED IN ALL SCHOOLS IN EVERY STATE OF THE U.S. IMMEDIATELY! Over half the state legislatures in the U.S. have Abolished Corporal Punishment in Schools. Ohio Governor Ted Strickland has proposed a school paddling ban tied to education funding, if approved, Ohio will be the 30th state to Abolish Corporal Punishment of Children in Schools. Schools/educators who purchase weapons (wooden boards/paddles) with tax dollars to deliberately inflict physical pain and suffering intended to punish schoolchildren are in Direct Conflict/Violation of Zero Tolerance of Weapons in Schools Policies. Educators who hit schoolchildren with wooden paddles are powerfully modeling physical assault/violence as the acceptable way to solve problems. ALL children must be treated with human dignity and respect in schools in our nation in the 21st Century. ALL children deserve Equal Civil Rights Treatment in Schools in America. ALL children must be ensured Equal Educational access to safe, heatlhy and supportive learning environments. No Economic Stimulus or Federal funding should go to school paddling states. The cost to eliminate educators' right to assault and batter schoolchildren is $0. Current investigations of the Chicago Public School System for HUNDREDS of incidents of child abuse in schools and a 9-year-old boy who suffered deep bruising from being PADDLED 3 TIMES IN ONE DAY by the elementary school assistant principal are shocking testament to the need for Government Officials to Establish and Enforce UNIFORM STANDARDS for ALL SCHOOLS IN AMERICA IMMEDIATELY!

WAYNE said...

We have reached the time in this 21st Century of "Lord of the Flies". There is absolutely no respect for authority....teachers, police, parents, and peers. "Child abuse" is but a veil for denying justice deserved. Corporal punishment should certainly be performed along strict guidelines allowing a faculty witness in the room. Authority figures must be protected from litigation as referred to by sherlyboy.