Monday, February 16, 2009

House Dems Form Blue Dog Caucus

27 State House Democrats announced the formation of the Blue Dog Democratic Caucus Monday.
The Blue Dogs say they represent a group of fiscal conservatives that want to create a streamlined state government "that provides essential state services within existing budgetary constraints."
Springfield Rep. Charlie Norr is a member; Rep. Sara Lampe is not.
"The Blue Dog Caucus is committed to bridging the gap between the partisan and ideological extremes that have caused gridlock in Jefferson City," said Rep. Sam Komo. "We are conservative and moderate Democrats committed to protecting working families and small businesses. We believe that by being fiscally conservative we can make our tax dollars go further and do more without placing additional burdens on Missouri taxpayers."
The full list of Blue Dogs includes: Rep. Joe Aull of Marshall, Rep. Kenny Biermann of St. Charles, Rep. Rachel Bringer of Palmyra, Rep. Ron Casey of Crystal City, Rep. Vicky Englund of St. Louis, co-chair for national affairs, Rep. Joe Fallert of Ste. Genevieve, Rep. Linda Fishcer of Bonne Terre, co-chair for communication, Rep. Jason Grill of Parkville, Rep. Belinda Harris of Hillsboro, Rep. Steve Hodges of East Prairie, Rep. Jonas Hughes of Kansas City, co-chair for communication, Rep. Sam Komo of House Springs, co-chair for policy, Rep. Rebecca McClanahan of Kirksville, Rep. Michelle Kratky of St. Louis, Rep. J.C. Kuessner of Eminence, Rep. Tim Meadows of Imperial, Rep. Charlie Norr of Springfield, Rep. Paul Quinn of Monroe City, co-chair for administration, Rep. Martin Rucker of St. Joseph, Rep. Luke Scavuzzo of Harrisonville, Rep. Ed Schieffer of Troy, whip, Rep. Sue Schoemehl of St. Louis, Rep. Tom Shively of Shelbyville, Rep. Terry Swinger of Caruthersville, Rep. Tom Todd of Campbell, Rep. Ed Wildberger of St. Joseph, Rep. Pat Yaeger of St. Louis

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