Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bond: Time For Steroids, But Not Terror

Sen. Kit Bond lamented that Congress had time to hold hearings on steroids but not pass the FISA terrorist surveillance bill, according to

"The Senate bill gives our terror fighters the tools they need to track terrorists," explains the Republican lawmaker, "and also adds additional privacy and civil rights protections that Americans have never had before." Bond notes with sarcasm that before going on vacation, the House found time to investigate steroids in baseball and political contempt resolutions -- but not to pass the terrorist surveillance bill. As a result, says Bond, "they have compromised our ability to detect and disrupt attacks."

There was some word of a late bipartisan deal over the surveillance bill. But Talking Points Memo notes, Bond only attending a meeting to hear from the director of national intelligence about the "degradation of intelligence" since the Protect America Act expired almost two weeks ago -- "not to renegotiate the bipartisan terrorist surveillance compromise."

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