Friday, February 29, 2008

Donnelly's Sunshine Bill

State Representative and Attorney General candidate Margaret Donnelly filed legislation today to expand the state's open records law.

Donnelly said HB 2303 is in response to campaign finance hearings held earlier this year by the Missouri Ethics Commission to determine if candidates should return over-the-limit campaign contributions. Donnelly filed a lawsuit to open the hearings to the public after the Ethics Commission decided to hold closed hearings.

"I am filing this bill so we will never again have to go to court to open these records and hearings," said Donnelly. "The public is tired of our government acting in secret."

HB 2303 would require open meetings under the Missouri Sunshine Law if a court decision orders any governmental body to make a determination of the retroactive applicability of a law.

"With the loopholes closed, the government will remain open to the public," said Donnelly. "As Attorney General, I will remain committed to holding every branch of Missouri government accountable to the voters," Donnelly said.

Donnelly is running against Rep. Jeff Harris and Sen. Chris Koster for the Democratic nomination for Attorney General.

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