Thursday, December 18, 2008

You Thought The Butter Irked You

A Rogersville lawmaker is proposing legislation to officially declare Dec. 25th "Christmas."
From the Associated Press wire:

Missouri has 12 holidays, but most don't have an official title in state law. For example, the fourth Thursday in November is a holiday, but you need to consult your calendar to find it's Thanksgiving Day. Missouri has just four named holidays - Martin Luther King Day, Lincoln Day, Truman Day and Columbus Day. A bill filed Thursday by Republican House member Mike Cunningham, of Rogersville, would make "Christmas" the name of the Dec. 25 holiday.

EARLIER: People over at are still "outraged" over Rep. Sara Lampe's proposal to revise old butter laws.

Curious if the same peeps will be just as angry?

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