Monday, November 10, 2008

McCaskill's Name In The Hat For DNC Chair

***UPDATE: McCaskill's Office Calls It "A Rumor"
Another Dem Close To McCaskill Tells The Notebook, "Absolutely Not."
Asked If McCaskill was likely to remain a U.S. Senator, this Dem replied, "Absolutely. No doubt at all."
Left-leaning blog The Huffington Post reports that Sen. Claire McCaskill's name is being floated as a possible replacement for Howard Dean as Chair of the Democratic National Committee.
Dean is reportedly relinquishing his chairmanship after 4 years at the helm.
"My sense is that the Obama folks are pretty insular and don't want somebody else building the party and haven't even decided what building the party means for them," explained one aide. "I bet they go with a split chair again ... McCaskill at Chair, and somebody like Steve Hildebrand [Obama's Deputy Campaign Manager] at Operational Chair."
David Corn writes,"Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri, who would be the talk-show face of the party, and an operative who would do the operating (perhaps Steve Hildebrand, who was deputy campaign manager for Barack Obama's presidential bid). But shouldn't the DNC job go to David Plouffe? . . . It's no put-down of McCaskill to suggest Plouffe. Naming her DNC chief--with or without a partner--would have symbolic value. And she was an effective advocate for Obama, especially when he was locked in a fierce battle with Senator Hillary Clinton, though Obama appears to have lost her home state by 6000 votes. Perhaps if McCaskill becomes DNC head, that would help Obama and Dems narrow that narrow gap next time."
"It’s just a rumor. We’re not sure who started it, but Claire has not had any conversations with the Obama team about the position," said McCaskill spokesperson Maria Speiser. "She’s pretty happy being senator and representing Missourians, so she’s staying put."

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