Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"Mixed Bag"

Burlison: "Some are real problems, some are trivial"
The final portion of a three-part audit of the City of Springfield by the state will be released tonight at 6:30 p.m. at the City Utilities Auditorium.
This audit will focus solely on City Utilities. Libertarian City Councilman Doug Burlison tells the KY3 Political Notebook that citizens can expect "roughly a mixed bag of results." Burlison has seen the audit, but not had time to comb through all the details.
"Some of the issues raised are indicative of real problems, some are trivial and may not be real problems," Burlison said in an interview.
Burlison couldn't say much about the details, but he did say this probably was a unique experience for the state auditor's office. "This probably is a first for them in auditing a utility this size. Their utility experience has probably mostly been with smaller cities," Burlison said.
According to CU spokesperson Joel Alexander, this is the first time City Utilities has ever been audited by the state.

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