Sunday, June 10, 2007

Steelman Won't Confirm or Deny Run for Governor

Missouri State Treasurer Sarah Steelman won't confirm or deny that she's considering running for Governor in 2008.

No Shermanesque statement from her either way. And she's a Republican you know.

In an interview with KY3's Steve Grant, Steelman wouldn't speculate on a possible run for Governor.

"I'm concentrating on being a good state Treasurer," Steelman said.

On other issues, Steelman seemed to keep her distance from the Governor's 2007 legislative agenda.

On Medicaid Reform? "I'm not sure how the whole Missouri HealthNet is going to play out."

On Mohela? "I hope the Mohela deal works out."

Still, no endorsements of the Blunt initiatives and very careful language through it all.

Click HERE to watch the full interview.

She's coy and dare we say careful, to say the least.

And that's what makes it fun!


Matt said...

If Steelman runs, she has this Republican's support.

James said...

Steelman would be a formidable candidate against Jay Nixon. If the election was based on History, nixon would win. I only say that because in 1992 Jay Nixon ran against her husband and it was a nasty campaign, and he won by a solid, but not spectacular margin.

2008 May finally be Nixon's big chance. Every ten years he runs for another statewide office.

1988: US Senate.. No one was going to unseat Danforth. Token Candidate,

1998: US Senate.. Not sure, but Nixon had problems with black leaders and Kit Bond was particularly popular in Jackson County, MO.

2008: Governor.. Nixon will face a fairly unpopular incumbent.. Is this his year? I hope it is! I am a nixon supporter. I also like Matt Blunt. He is a good guy who means well but too inexperienced at the moment.