Saturday, August 12, 2006

Sandra Thomas vs. Susan Montee

Assuming Sandra Thomas survives the G.O.P. primary recount, she'll face Democrat Susan Montee this November in what's expected to be a overshadowed but tight race for state auditor.
Here's my Friday night report on the match-up.

My initial analysis foresees this race focusing on three big issues, at least in the beginning . . .

*Missing Money

More on my one-on-one interview with Susan Montee to come.

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Takes two wings to fly straight said...

Here you go qgain Tomato paste. In one post you blame the Springfield Municipal Court embezzlement on the democratic state suditor rather then the city auditors but then excuse the Republican state auditor candidate for failing to find missing money in the very county where she serves as county auditor.

Then you claim McCaskill uses her office for politics because she has correctly identified fee agetnt abuses but praise former Republican Auditor Kelly. Apparantly you have forgotten Kelly's election year claim that millions in refunds were due under Hancock only to have her claim rebuffed by the courts and for that matter almost all Republicans too.