Saturday, August 12, 2006

Quotables from Primary Day

Sure, they're leftovers. But they're still juicy and relevant to the campaign ahead. Here are some quotes from candidates and other politicos during my coverage on election day . . .

And yes, while I got to catch up with Senator Talent in Springfield, I was assigned at Democratic Party Headquarters for the night. So that's why there are more quotes from donkeys.

Sen. Jim Talent On Whether He Voted for the Soil & Water Tax:
"I'm not offering observations about how I vote on state ballot issues. I've certainly been a strong supporter on conservation in my federal role."

Sen. Talent on the Number of Debates and whether he'll do one on KY3:
"I dunno, 4,5,6. We need debates. I want that. I'd love to do one in Springfield but I'm not going to tick off everyone else," Talent said. "I'd love to have you on that panel, Dave," added the junior senator with a laugh.

Sen. Talent on why he's not worried his race is close:
"It's Missouri. Those of us who are from here, this is the way statewide races are. When isn't it close? The last few Governor's races, Senate races. Missouri's a battleground state. That's because of the nature of Missouri politics rather than the national climate, so I tell them in Washington, just cool it. That's the way Missouri politics is."

Greene Co. Democratic Chair Craig Hosmer on Sen. Talent:
"Jim Talent's not a bad person, but he's not a good Senator. The important thing in this race is not the margin. It's that Jim Talent, as an incumbent has 42% of the vote. That's an embarrassment."

Claire McCaskill on why she'll spend lots of time in Springfield:
"They can call me Satan's sister and if I'm not down here saying I'm not, by gosh, somebody might believe it. And you know, that's going to start. The nastiness will start because we're doing so well."

State Senate Candidate Doug Harpool (D) on Fee Offices:
"The Republicans have decided the right thing to do is to reward the political contributors, and that $500,000 of taxpayer money is now being planted annually into the pocket of Roy Blunt's chief fundraiser. The people of Greene County, the people of this city oughta stand up and yell outrage. I'm ready to yell outrage."

#135th Legislative Candidate Nancy Hagan (D) on Vouchers:
"We have the biggest fight on our hands, as far as school vouchers are concerned. We have to stop it. It is the undermining of public education in America. The Republicans are on target to get their goals accomplished and we have to stop it."

#137th Legislative Candidate Charlie Norr (D) on his opponent:
"The man running for the Republicans in the #137th has no logo on his yard signs, he doesn't advertise what party he is."

#139th Legislative Candidate Jamie Schoolcraft (D) on Family Values:
"The Republicans try to steal Christianity. That's not the case. Compassion is the key to Christianity. That's how I was raised. I'm guessing if Jesus was here today, he wouldn't spend his time with Abramoff."

Claire McCaskill on the Lieberman loss to Ned Lamont and sentiment on the war:
"It says something about the people of Connecticut but I'm not sure you can draw any other conclusion about it. My position on all these issues has to do with Missouri. It doesn't have to do with Connecticut or any other state in the union."

McCaskill on whether on going to War was worth it:
"I think it was right to take out Saddam Hussein. I think it was wrong to not have a plan, to not execute it well. And now we need to begin to redeploy (over time, not immediately) those soldiers into other areas to deal with these hotspots."

One Democrat on the G.O.P. Auditor's Race:
"I'm glad it is not Jack Jackson. He would've caused some problems for us, especially in southwest Missouri where some good ole boys still have problems voting for a woman."

Another Democrat on the G.O.P. Legislative Results in Springfield:
"It will be interesting to see where all these Republican votes go, who voted against incumbents. Do most fall in line with the incumbents or do we have a shot at them? If we have a shot at them, we're in good shape. If not, we don't have a chance."


The Libertarian Guy said...

I take it Nancy Hagan doesn't think that competition would help to improve gov't-run schools.

Takes two wings to fly straight said...

Bob Tomato and Cash Plays---
You both apparently have never read the Harpool - Wright fee agent plan. Why do you insist on misrepresenting it? No one ever proposed that the schools run the license offices. The proposal is that the offices be bid out to non profits who would then donate the profits to the schools or to low income health clinics rather then keeping the profits for personal use. For example the Springfield school foundation might bid to run the office and give the proceeds to the schools. The Medical society might bid to run the office and give the proceeds to the Jordan Valley Health Clinic. The MSU Alumni association might bid to run the office and give the profits to the university.

This is how it has worked in Lebanon and Rolla for many years and in those towns not for proftis give the proceeds to the schools. It has worked very well. It doesn't take a political hack to run a license office. They have no required skill set.

Takes two wings to fly straight said...

Is Bob Tomato now respondind to his own posts?

Tell us waht is wrong with the way things work in Lebanon or Rolla. Both have fee offices run by not for profits with the proceeds going to schools (again the schools get the money they don't run the offices). Why not let that system work for Springfield? Why put cash into a political insiders pocket instead of a school? Don't say everyone has done it--- no one but Blunt has done it with the Springfield office. It is the most profitable office in the state.