Sunday, June 25, 2006

Quick Takes on P-D Poll

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch covers a ton of ground in its new June Research 2000 poll.
Here are the quick takes . . .

Most Missourians have an unfavorable opinion of President Bush . . . 53% unfavorable.

John Kerry would beat President Bush if the election were held today . . . 48% to 40%.

Most Missourians now believe the war against Iraq was not worth it . . . 54%.

45% believe the U.S. should begin to bring home some troops from Iraq.

A strong majority believe the country is heading in the wrong direction . . . 63%.

Claire McCaskill would beat Jim Talent if the election were held today . . . 49% to 43%.

Jay Nixon would beat Governor Blunt if the election were held today . . . 50% to 40%.

66% of Missourians favor restoring Medicaid coverage, including 53% of Republicans.

62% support the stem cell ballot measure, including 44% in Southwest Missouri.

66% support raising the minimum wage to $6.50 an hour, including 52% in the Ozarks.

62% support raising the tobacco tax for health care, including 43% in Southwest Missouri.

54% oppose the new voter I.D. requirement to be imposed this November.

Rep. Mark Wright polls 8% in the Auditor race, but luckily for him 39% aren't paying attention.

Man, oh man! Is there any good news in here for Republicans? If there is, it is hard to find.
The best news for the G.O.P. may be that the election is more than 4 months away. Lots of time for numbers to swing. Especially in that Senate race. Who do you trust? Research 2000 or Zogby?


Anonymous said...

Try and contain your enthusiasm David. There's more than enough time to inform the voters about the misdeeds of Democrats particularly Jay Nixon and his cozy relationships with companies he's supposed to be investigating who also contribute to his campaigns. At least now your viewers know which team your on and can keep that in mind when watching your reports.

Anonymous said...

So when you post the Zogby poll showing Talent ahead anonymous doesn't complain but when you post the Research Poll showing McCaskill ahead it is obvious proof of what side your on??????

Grow up anonymous. If KY 3 only reported what Repubicans wanted to hear it would be FOX News and not NBC.

Rev Chris M Fluharty said...

Polls change just like underwaer. If you base your political opinions on polls you need to stop voting. People need to look closer at the facts. Right now ,many Missouri voters are being hoodwinked by a simple puppet show. Whoever has the most$$$$$ to make the most TV ads will win. Voters are not smart enough to make informed decisons anymore. The need the Almight TV god to tell them how to vote. Alll hail the TV god. Its wisdom shall show us the way. Wale up Missouri and vote for the best not what a TV says.

The Last American said...

I doubt that the Kerry/Bush poll included the same (or ANY, for that matter) third-party candidates that ran in 2004.