Friday, October 30, 2009

Wardell: Goodman Lacks Passion, Long A Millionaire

"Where the normal guy?"
In candid comments about his Republican opponents, the newest candidate in the 7th Congressional district race said Sen. Jack Goodman lacks passion and auctioneer Billy Long is perceived as a "millionaire" candidate.
Nixa businessman Michael Wardell also unveiled the names of his campaign team Friday. He said Dr. Michael Reber of Southeast Missouri State University and the Harvard School of Education would serve as a policy advisor. He named Joseph Elie, a writer for the Center for the Study of the Presidency and Congress as his political aide and speechwriter. He said counterintelligence specialist Michael Denning, a Marine Corps veteran, would serve as his chief legislative analyst.
The Notebook also asked Wardell what he thought of his three top opponents:
ON JACK GOODMAN: "I don't see passion in him . . . I don't see somebody who's going to stand up and say, 'you lie' to someone who's a liar."
ON GARY NODLER: "I actually like the man . . . I think we need people like him in the state legislature."
ON BILLY LONG: "They honestly didn't know what party he'd be running for. There are still a lot of people . . . that say, 'what, we're going to send a millionaire . . . to Washington, D.C. He seems to be acting like he's already won the thing."

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