Saturday, October 31, 2009

Set Your Clocks Back, But Wake-Up . . .

@ 7 AM

Ky3 is assembling a special police & fire pension panel before Tuesday's critical vote.

Mayor Jim O'Neal and two others supportive of the sales tax increase to shore up a $200 million dollar police and fire pension shortfall will answer questions LIVE on OZARKS TODAY.

Anchor Paula Morehouse and myself will deliver the questions that viewers and readers have submitted via, e-mail, Facebook & Twitter.

THEN: The Opponents -- Tom Martz & Fred Ellison will explain why they're voting "no" and are urging others to do the same.

***--- Just two days before the vote ---***

Sunday, 7 AM . . . ONLY on KY3's OZARKS TODAY


tom said...

Would really have been nice to hear the opposing side been able to offer any alternatives, "if they really exist". When the people in favor get 3 segments and the people in opposition get a partial segment it appears that the deck was stacked against those who would offer a no tax hike solution as compared to the tax at all cost city option.

Chris said...

I think your interview sucked, David. NO TIME was given to the two men to give what options they had in mind to fix the shortage rather than another tax increase in a still lacking economy. So,one side gets 15 minutes, the other side gets, 4 minutes??? What bias you show. This tells me the concerted effort to take more taxpayer money should be voted DOWN!