Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hulshof vs. Spending


In a one-on-one interview with Kenny Hulshof, the Notebook attempts to figure out why the Congressman now running for Governor voted for 4 earmarks Sarah Steelman is calling "wasteful." The aim is also to give him the opportunity to defend his record and hear about the merits and motives behind the four following projects.

AT ISSUE: The Maine Lobster Institute, A Christmas Tree Exhibit, The San Francisco Urban Center, The Woodstock Concert Hall

The conversation is divided into three separate clips

In the first clip, the Congressman says that ultimately he voted against the bill that had those items in them. "These were up and down votes that were already in a bill," Hulshof said. He then explains his philosophy on how he "scrubs" earmarks.

"It's NOT the Woodstock Center . . ." In the clip above, Hulshof calls the Woodstock earmark a vote on a "historical museum." He also switches the subject to another earmark called "Journaling for College Freshman," which he defends. Still, he wouldn't explicitly say the ones in question were worthwhile. "We judged each on the merits," said Hulshof.

"And that has to do with Governor, in what regard?" As our conversation continues, Hulshof questions the relevance of the earmark debate in this campaign. I argue that while politics is about the future, the only thing we have to go on when judging candidates is what they have said and done in the past.


CharityAngel said...

I think that both candidates are being dealt with fairly, what would be nice is if Hulshof would be fair with us and just talk straight to us and not around in circles bringing up other things that he is not being asked about. I am sure that he has votes that were good, but these that do not make sense when our nation is in so much debt do need to be explained. My guess is that it was a "I'll rub your back if you rub mine" kind of deals with those votes.

CharityAngel said...

"What does my record have to do with being Governor?" A WHOLE lot! If his record does not look truly fiscally responsible, how can we believe that we would be electing a Fiscally Responsible individual? And if he is not willing to be upfront and honest about it and why he did it, how do we know if he will be honest with the people IF we were to be elected?

churchill said...

Amazing video. First, Hulshof doesn’t seem to think his voting record is relevant to judge him as a governor candidate. Just take his word for it that he is fiscally conservative- but please don’t look at the facts. He is like so many Republican congressman that talk the rhetoric of fiscal responsibility, but when they get to Washington spend like drunken Democrats. Second, did Hulshof really imply that he sponsored the line item veto so the President could protect the budget from earmarks Hulhof voted for. Please, Mr. President, protect us from ourselves. Kenny, be tough, and just say no in the first instance. In some circles this is known as political courage.

Matt said...

"And that has to do with Governor, in what regard?" - that line floored me as well, along with his inability to give a straight-up answer on the four votes in question.

There's a reason why Citizens Against Government Waste rates Hulshof as "hostile to taxpayers" in their analysis of his voting record.