Thursday, July 03, 2008

Donelly's A.G. Platform Includes Texting

Democratic candidate for Attorney General Margaret Donnelly said today that fighting consumer scams and busting sexual predators would be her top priorities if elected in November.
Donnelly spoke about the Children's Product Safety Act, which will require mandatory removal of all recalled children's toys and products and a ban on toxic chemicals in these products.
She also discussed the establishment of a Senior Citizen Consumer Fraud Hotline to provide an easy way for seniors to check on and report consumer and financial frauds.
The St. Louis-area representative announced she would create a variety of consumer alert options that fit different citizens, including text messages, special RSS feeds and e-mail alerts.
She also called for establishing a special fugitive unit within the Attorney General's office to work with local authorities to track sex offenders who violate parole or do not register.
“Scammers, sexual predators, and those who bring unsafe products to this state will find my administration standing guard to keep Missouri families safe,” said Donnelly.
Donnelly is vying with Rep. Jeff Harris and Senator Chris Koster for the Democratic nomination for Attorney General.

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Jessica said...

One of the reasons I supported Jeff in the CCP balloting is that while Donnelly would make a good AG Jeff would be better. I wrote this on another blog a few weeks ago:

One of the tools I used to evaluate who would make the best attorney general is to look at the candidates websites and research there records. I also talked extensively to two of the candidates and a core supporter of the other. The only thing that Koster really talks about is that the attorney general is some sort of super prosecutor. His website has not been updated since October, 2007 and is sort of sloppy. Margaret has three good proposals. One concerning unsafe toys, another on financial explotation of the elderly and another on tracking down fugitives. She has updated her website once in the last month. Jeff has a proposal to create a special unit in the AG’s office to specialize in the sunshine, another proposal to strengthen the sunshine law, a proposal on CAFO’s, on subprime mortgages, on expanding the no call list, on shaken babies, on unwanted e-mails or spam, on sex offenders and on campaign finance. He has updated his website at least ten times in the last month. Koster filed nine bills this year about half on which have to do with the ag’s office. Donnelly filed six. Jeff has seventeen. All of them in some way are related to the attorney general’s. Looking at these proposals it became clear to me that Jeff has a comprehensive vision for the office. Far more that the other candidates. Also, because he is the only candidate to work in the office, he has obviously gave some thought to what he will do when he is elected.

When I wrote this I neglected to mention that Jeff also has porposals to curb teen smoking, domestic violence, cyber crimes and internet privacy. He has also added a hot fuel proposal recently.

If you go to his website you will find he has received more kudos by far than any other of the other candidates for what he is doing. Positive editorials from Joplin, Springfield, Hannibal. Positve articles from all over the state.

Donnelly proposals are good and at least she is doing some work here unlike the third candidate. I am not sure what she is doing with reverse mortgages other than just studying it. Jeff has a proposal which is rather detailed that has been well received.

I thought there was already a hotline in the Carnahan’s office that targets these scams that is similar to she has proposed.

The fugitive unit and meth proposals are good. I think she previously announced the fugitive unit proposal.

Jeff has a more comprehensive vision for the office and will hit the ground running because of his prior experience with the office but Donnelly is doing a good job.

I also think it may be a little difficult for a D from St. Louis to win a statewide election. Jeff has broader support among all parts of the party and across the state. I think only one person has endorsed Donnelly outside of St. Louis and Kansas City. Donnelly has very little labor or law enforcement support. But if Donnelly wins the primary I will enthusastically support her. She has a lot of good ideas.