Sunday, August 03, 2008

McCaskill: Obama Will Pick V.P. Soon

Sen. Claire McCaskill said on CNN's Late Edition Sunday that Sen. Barack Obama will choose his vice-presidential running mate soon, but stressed that it won't be her.

"I think that all the speculation is going to come to an end soon because at least we're going to get choices before too long," McCaskill said on CNN's "Late Edition".

The Missouri Democrat said she talked to Obama about the process this week, but she still doesn't know how soon he will make the pick, according ABC News.

"I don't honestly know," she said. "I talked to Barack about it this week and you know what he did? He just smiled."

She repeated Sunday that the Obama camp has not asked her to hand over personal documents as part of a vetting process for possible vice-presidential candidates.

"They have not," responded McCaskill when CNN's Wolf Blitzer questioned her on Obama requesting personal information. "I'm always honored to be mentioned," she added.


Matt said...

Obama should pick Evan Bayh but probably won't, since Bayh voted to outlaw partial birth abortion. That makes him radioactive to a large part of the powers that be in the Democrat party, who worship at the altar of abortion on demand and view partial birth abortion as a sacrament to be taken and revered.

Therefore, I think the veep pick will be Tim Kaine or Joe Biden.

Kris said...

Hyperbole is a symptom of desperation.

Matt said...

One person's hyperbole is another person's truth.

The truth is that Evan Bayh voted to outlaw partial birth abortion. In the modern Democrat party, one can't attain high office without first kissing the ring of the abortion lobby. Remember what happened to Gov. Bob Casey (PA) at the 1992 Democrat convention? Marginalized because of his pro-life beliefs.

Al Gore was pro-life once until he realized the fact that to get on a national Democrat ticket, he had to embrace the abortion lobby. Evan Bayh will in all likelihood find himself in the same position- he will have to repent of any pro-life convictions to be deemed acceptable by the Democrat party, the party of death.

Kris said...

I am pro-you-getting-a-life.

Matt said...

Is that the best you can do with a juris doctorate?

Game. set. match.

Kris said...

I'd love to have a serious conversation about what it means to be a pro-life Democrat (which is what I consider myself to be).

Problem is I can't take you seriously if you really believe I "worship at the altar of abortion on demand and view partial birth abortion as a sacrament to taken and revered."