Sunday, April 20, 2008

Match The Quote With The Candidate

(Hint: If you read earlier posts, you should be primed for this pop quiz)

1) "I am a Democrat who knows how to find Southwest Missouri on a map."

2) "I'm 43 years old, and I'm single."

3) We win when the differences between Democrats and Republicans is clear."

A) Margaret Donnelly B) Jeff Harris C) Chris Koster

Answer to be revealed after the first guess . . . or 24 hours . . .


Janet said...

The I know how to find Southwest Missouri on a map must be Harris because he has been down there a bunch over the last few years.

The non-family man must be Koster because he is financing his campaign using Republican money and the proceeds of his million dollar divorce settlement.

That leaves Donnelly for the last quote.

David Catanese said...


You are correct.

1) (B) Jeff Harris
2) (C) Chris Koster
3) (A) Margaret Donnelly.

Thanks for playing.

Jack said...


Is your site openly campaigning against Koster? Seriously, I am new to your site and not sure if I am reading into your comments or if this forum is another biased site (like gone mild). No big deal either way but I would prefer not to waste my time and yours trying to have open debate if that is the case. Please advise.

David Catanese said...


This site isn't designed to openly campaign for or against anyone. The goal is to try to cover politics the best we can, sometimes with some humor and some flair. But I've got no problem with an open debate, and actually encourage it here.


Dave said...

I think Koster received like $600,000 from his former wife to be single, which he could be using to pay you Jack. So, I wouldn't be cracking Catanese too hard because we deserve to know everything about your golden boy. While Catanese was doing it in good fun, I am doing it to point out some things I think voters need to know.

Was Koster faithful in his marriage?

Why did he recieve $600,000.00 in the divorce settlement?

These are the kind of things that let us know about a person's character Jack, something that is important for an AG and something that seems to be lacking in Koster.

Tony said...

Dave's post is too harsh but symptomatic of what many people feel about Koster. That he can not be trusted.

The only person who defends him on these blogs is Jack, the Georgia peach.