Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Congressman Wilson Coming to Springfield

Congressman Joe Wilson is coming to Springfield next month to speak to the Missouri Republican Assembly.
Wilson, now famous for his 'You Lie' outburst during President Obama's address to a joint session of Congress, will speak at University Plaza on Saturday, Oct. 3rd.
The event is part of the conservative group's annual state meeting. The Missouri Republican Assembly (MRA) is part of a larger umbrella organization that touts itself as "The Republican Wing of the Republican Party."
"It's fortuitous and the timing was just really good," said Missouri Republican Assembly president William Scott Magill. "He sort of just fell into our lap." When asked how Magill helped book Wilson's visit, he declined to go into details. "It's a hot topic. He probably has got something to say. It's timely," Magill added.
The MRA will hold its state meeting at University Plaza at 1 p.m. on Oct. 3rd. The dinner, which will begin around 7 p.m., is open to the public for a price, according to Magill. Ticket prices are not yet set.
Magill said he thinks Wilson violated House rules when he yelled 'You Lie,' but added that Wilson expressed "what a large part of the country is feeling."
When asked if Wilson should have apologized on the House floor, Magill said, "I think he should've said, I'd be happy to apologize if you have the others come and stand beside me and apologize for booing President Bush during his State of the Union back in 2004."
Conservative columnist and FOX NEWS contributor Dick Morris will join Wilson at the MRA dinner. Both are expected to deliver speeches following the dinner.


E said...

No matter how you sweeten the incident, Wilson is an embarrassment to Republicans. He did nothing to enhance the party and could have said what he wanted to say in a myriad of ways outside the joint meeting of congress. To invite him to Springfield is not a good way to strengthen the integrity of the party. Looking at Wilson's stance on other issues in South Carolina and his membership in a questionable organization, I don't think his outburst to the president was an isolated incident. I am sorry for Springfield.

unclecarl said...

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mikey007 said...

The President was not only addressing Congress, but was addressing all Americans. In using semantics, he was lying to us. If you look at his history, he is a habitual liar. I appreciate Congressman Wilson for calling out the President. It took great courage. There is nothing more important than the truth in Washington, but it is in short supply. Honor, and decorum are nothing without the truth.