Thursday, March 27, 2008

20 Questions (minus the answers)

Whispers, Gossip & Chatter Dancing In Heads
1. Is Molly Williams' candidacy for Attorney General a stealth campaign meant to siphon female votes from Margaret Donnelly in the Democratic primary? (And is Chris Koster smiling?)

2. Is Sara Lampe more electable in a purplish statewide contest or a red State Senate Springfield district?

3. If the answer is the former, why didn't she jump at a shot at State Treasurer in what's expected to be a Democratic year?

4. Will Jeff Harris say a negative word about Margaret Donnelly before June? Or vice versa?

5. Where will the majority of Matt Blunt's donors go? Kenny Hulshof, Sarah Steelman, or will there be a split?

6. If in June, polls show Hulshof down to Steelman, does Gov. Blunt endorse his heir apparent? Will that endorsement backfire?
7. How many of the 9 candidates for Governor should be included in debates? By what measure does the media decide Hulshof and Steelman are the only viable Republicans that deserve the platform?

8. Will anyone in the Ozarks care about the State Treasurer race?

9. When does Mike Gibbons begin to benefit from a crowded, competitive and increasingly testy Democratic A.G. primary?

10. Late at night in bed, or in the morning in the shower, does Chris Koster ever wish he was still a Republican . . . as either a candidate for Attorney General . . . or Governor?

11. Which Ozarks-area state representative wins the label of "most endangered incumbent?"

12. Can veterinarian Charlie Dake win his old Lawrence County seat back against Rep. Don Ruzicka . . . and how dirty is he willing to get (robo-calls ? . . . ahem) to do it?

13. If the conservative Republican establishment is so disgruntled with Rep. Charlie Denison, why didn't he draw a primary opponent other than a vigorous Ron Paul supporter?

14. Can Nancy Hagan really top her '06 vote total against Denison, in one of the reddest districts in Springfield?

15. Why couldn't Hagan convince her husband to move a few blocks out of the ultra-red #135th and into the more purple and open seat #136th?

16. Will the race for the #136th to replace Rep. B.J. Marsh be all that its cracked up to be? Or will the Democratic Party decide to throw its money elsewhere in a year where the ballot is super crowded?

17. Who is a better door-to-door, retail campaigner, Eric Burlison or Nick Beatty?

18. Will the unpredictable B.J. Marsh endorse in the #136th? And will anyone care?

19. Eight months from now, who will be the candidate that surprises us the most?
20. Does anyone have a convincing or credible answer to the following questions?

1 comment:

Kris said...

As for #18... In what might appear to the casual political observer to be at least a tacit endorsement, BJ Marsh donated $325 on 9/19/07 to Eric Burlison's campaign. But... I don't think anybody cares.