Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Emerson Talks Earthquake Preparedness

Researchers, emergency officials and Congresswoman Jo Ann Emerson are preparing for a potential earthquake in the New Madrid zone, reports Ky3's Dave Snider.
"The sooner we get ready for it, the better prepared we are. Then, we'll pray, it won't happen," says Emerson. Adds that even if the epicenter is in Arkansas or Tennessee, "the area that's going to be impacted is HUGE."


Matthew said...

Where has Club GOP Moved to? Their banner is gone, there is a for lease sign in front and businesses across the street saw people moving out. What's going on?

PatrickB said...

(Looks like the Republican office is now in a larger building on East Sunshine across from Panera.)

[Back on topic, although earthquake/disaster preparedness should not be a political topic ...]

Many people and organizations are continually planning for a large-magnitude earthquake from the New Madrid and Wabash Valley seismic zones. The last BIG ONE in the Missouri Bootheel in 1811 temporarily reversed the flow of the mighty Mississippi River and range church bells in Boston. Tremors are recorded on a regular basis. Today, an earthquake of that strength is expected to flatten St. Louis and Memphis, as well as take out bridges over a widespread area.

CUSEC (Central U.S. Earthquake Consortium) has more information:

USGS is a primary source of information:

While the Central U.S. rarely has significant earthquakes, when it does, they affect a far great land area than those on the West Coast and Alaska. See the map on this page:

For any disaster, we should be prepared personally as well as prepared governmentally.

1) Get a kit
2) Make a plan
3) Be informed


Red Cross:

Homeland Security:

-- Patrick B.


Matthew said...

No, they have moved from the East Sunshine location. Did they get kicked out?