Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Justice Delayed?

"Frustrated" Murderer Hasn't Been Transferred
Governor Matt Blunt expressed frustration Wednesday that a confessed serial killer who murdered five Missouri women still hasn't been transferred here to face justice.
You can read more about the chilling case of Timothy Krajcir HERE.
“I am frustrated with this delay, but am not jumping to any conclusions. There is no reason to believe that Illinois does not wish to see Krajcir brought to justice for all of his crimes. Today, I sent a letter to Governor Blagojevich asking if there was a reason for the delay in extraditing Krajcir.
On Decemember 17th, the Governor sent the extradition request to Illinois, seeking "quick approval" from Governor Rod Blagojevich. A Missouri court hearing had been scheduled for Thursday, but Blunt's office says the state of Illinois has not yet released Krajcir to the Cape Girardeau County Sheriff.

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