Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Huck Hunted, and On The Hunt

Mike Huckabee kicked off campaigning by bagging a pheasant in Osceola, Iowa today -- eight days before he hopes to score what would be a historic caucus victory in the Hawkeye State.

"You prove that you can shoot, and that if somebody really messes with you with negative campaign ads, they just need to be prepared," Huckabee said, as he playfully jostled with the press corps.

Meanwhile, the latest poll out of Iowa shows Huck's lead narrowing -- but that's to be expected. This is Iowa, after all.

ABC News reports that a conservative group will begin taking aim at Huckabee's immigration plan tonight. The group says its goal is to alert voters that Huckabee's position on immigration may not be in line with the average Iowa Republican voter. BTW: The Club for Growth is determined to bring down Huckabee with large saturated ad buys.

Oh, and not that it matters at this point and time . . . but Huckabee holds a double-digit lead in OOOO-KLAHOMA!

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