Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Zweifel: Simckes "Still Hasn't Answered The Question"

Rep. Clint Zweifel, a Democratic candidate for Treaurer, still isn't sure whether one of his opponents for the nomination supports the Missouri "Civil Rights Initiative," a Ward Connerly-sponsored ballot initiative.

Andria Smickes recently told the KY3 Political Notebook she is a "supporter of the right to equal opportunity for all Americans."

"She still hasn't answered the question," said Rep. Zweifel in an interview. "It hasn't been answered," he added, but refused to speculate on why.

"She's had two ample opportunities to answer this question, and we haven't seen that yet. I think as candidates, it is important for us to make our policy positions clear. She hasn't done that," Zweifel added.

Another Democratic operative backing Zweifel put it this way: "There's only two reasons. She either doesn't want to admit she was ignorant about the initiative, or she doesn't want to admit she was supporting it," the Democrat said.

On the politics of the Democratic race for Treasurer, Zweifel said he would begin to spend more time in Southwest Missouri, and that while he's strong in the St. Louis region, he would not take the rest of the state for granted.

"There are still a lot of independent voters down there," Zweifel replied, when I asked him if it was worth spending time in the Ozarks for a Democratic primary. "We may not be talking to them as much in the primary, but looking to the general, Greene County is very important. It's growing and we have to make sure we connect with those independent voters," he said.

"The two or three county strategy may produce a victory sometimes, but it's not the best way to govern," Zweifel added.

Zweifel also said he would have "exciting news" to announce at this weekend's Jackson Days in Springfield. He would not elaborate.

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