Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holiday's Over: Dems Hit Blunt on Energy

Rep. Holsman Calls on Governor to "Reduce GreenHouse Gases"
Blunt Refused to Sign Environment Pledges
Democratic State Rep. Jason Holsman called on Governor Matt Blunt today to join neighboring Governors in endorsing a regional energy-use pact that could improve the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Of the 12 states in the Midwestern Governors Association, Missouri was the only one not to sign any of the pro-environment initiatives. The ultimate impact of these initiatives can be debated, but some say Missouri's absence from the conference reinforces the Show-Me State's dependence on energy products like coal.
"Blunt slightly reversed course on December 19th and agreed to some minor components of the compact," reads the release from Rep. Holsman today. "Blunt, however, rejected the plan's most important initiatives: Committing the state to producing 30 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2030, requiring cleaner coal-fired power plants by 2020 and agreeing to specific goals for measuring energy policies."
Holsman calls the regional energy policy a "blueprint for energy independence." "While other governors in the Midwest are embracing this innovative approach, Governor Blunt is sticking to the status quo. This shortsighted approach will cause Missouri to fall behind other states in the region in air quality and energy independence," Holsman said.
UPDATE . . . Dec. 28th: Rich Chrismer from the Governor's office said the AP story we cited is out-dated. "Governor Blunt signed many of the pro-environment initiatives," Chrismer said. "Additionally only 5 of the 12 states signed onto every section of the agreement," he added. "The other 7 states signed various parts of the agreement without signing onto every section. The link to the Governor's release can be found HERE.

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