Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bond Barnstorms Florida For Giuliani

Sen. Kit Bond is heading to Florida Thursday and Friday to campaign for Rudy Giuliani before January 29th's make-or-break Republican primary.

In a press release, Bond praised Giuliani's economic stimulus plan -- which hasn't gotten much media attention because Giuliani's too busy getting beat by Ron Paul in Republican primaries.

“There is a lot of talk about a stimulus package in Washington,” said Bond. “There is no greater stimulus than a tax cut, and Rudy has proposed the largest tax cut in American history.”

Bond stressed that he and Rudy share the belief that safety and security are "Job #1" for the next president and said Rudy would stay on the offense in the War on Terror. (Quick . . . Name the Republican candidate pledging not to stay on offense?)
Bond will make a number of stops in Florida – from talking to veterans in Orlando to meeting with growers in Vero Beach to join Rudy for a rally in Titusville, according to the release.

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