Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Passion versus Polish

Details Differences Between Romney & Huckabee
How will Iowans vote? With their head or with their heart. A Wall-Streeet Journal piece brillantly details the obvious and more subtle differences between the candidacies of Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee.
From the Journal piece:
Rachel Serianz, 58 years old, of Davenport, heard Mr. Huckabee speak and says he "is more in touch with people from the middle class and lower class." She added, "I like Romney, though, because of his powerful organizational abilities...They both appeal."
Meanwhile, The Washington Times takes aim at Huck's immigration record today with this blistering lead:
Mike Huckabee is overselling his record of cracking down on illegal aliens as governor, claiming he ordered his state police to arrest illegal aliens when in fact he never signed the agreement with federal authorities that would have allowed it.

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