Friday, August 22, 2008

The Steelman Show


Watch the KY3 News @ 10 Report HERE

"I think people respect the fact that someone wants to think through the issues, and think through what's right, what's wrong, and the best way to go."

THE QUESTION: Will her reluctance bolster her independent image OR tarnish her chances at a future statewide run?


In the first clip, Sarah Steelman talks about what she's been up to since her primary loss to Congressman Kenny Hulshof on August 5th. We ask about what the loss meant to her, and if it changed her at all.


In the second clip, Sarah Steelman addresses her meeting with Congressman Hulshof. She doesn't address specifics about what they spoke about or if she will endorse. She urges her supporters to stay "gun ho" about the issues important to them. We also ask her about the possibility of another statewide run.


In the third and final clip, Steelman says she would like to meet with Senator Kit Bond about the direction of the Republican Party. "I think there are some things in the Republican Party that people need to be concerned about," she says. She also says people respect the fact that she is thinking about her decision before (or if) she endorses.


Steelman2010 said...

I'm so happy to see that Sarah is wanting to talk to Senator Bond!

I hope he steps down and lets a true conservative step in and reform Washington politics!!

Sarah, you go for it!!!

Paul said...

Holy cow! Did you see that glaring dollar sign just to the right of Sarah's face. Was that a thought bubble?
This is all about the money, Sarah Steelman sank 3 quarters of a million dollars into a negative campaign against Kenny Hulshof and she's waiting for somebody to pay her back for her misdeeds(I wonder if she just came out and asked Kenny for the money at the meeting last monday).
Can you say "buyers remorse"? Hillary Clinton is stuck with her personal campaign debt and so is Sarah Steelman. My understanding is she is still $100k into her personal funds from her Treasurers race in 2004.