Friday, March 28, 2008

Rasmussen: Steelman Within 7 of Nixon

A new Rasmussen poll of Missouri voters shows Republican State Treasurer Sarah Steelman within seven points of Democrat Jay Nixon in the race for Governor.

The same poll shows Steelman's main rival, Kenny Hulshof, trailing Nixon by 11 points.

Here are the breakdowns:

Jay Nixon 46%
Sarah Steelman 39%

Jay Nixon 48%
Kenny Hulshof 37%

The surveys polled 500 likely voters on Monday. Rasmussen reports: "Nixon's lead over Steelman has narrowed from last month from 11 points to seven points . . . The gap between Nixon and Hulshof has decreased from 18 points to 11 points this month."

Get this? Nixon beats both Hulshof and Steelman by more than 20 points among women. Nixon ties Hulshof among men, but trails Steelman by 8 points. Nixon holds large leads over both Republicans among unaffiliated and young voters.

Steelman sent out the results of the poll in a fundraising e-mail to supporters Friday. "
The latest Rasmussen Reports poll has me within 7 points, a full four point increase in just one month! In addition, I am still running well ahead of the closest Republican challenger, proving I am the most capable candidate to face the Democrats in the fall," Steelman says. She then asks for a contribution of $25, $50, $100, $500 or even $1000 by March 31st.

"Your assistance will go a long ways in getting my message out and closing the gap even more with Jay Nixon, so please consider making a quick contribution to my campaign," Steelman wrote.

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