Monday, August 25, 2008

Obama Signs Stolen in Springfield

Springfield police fielded a string of phone calls Saturday night from people complaining their political signs had been stolen.

It appears that Barack Obama's signs were the target of the thieves.

Watch the KY3 News report HERE.

One Springfield Obama supporter says she will buck up another $5 for a new Obama yardsign and bring it inside at night. (By the way: How outrageous is it that the Obama folks and their money machine CHARGE for yard signs?)

Springfield police say these types of crimes are not uncommon during the political season.


Paul Seale said...

Poltical sign vandalizism? No, your kiddng? It must be because Obama isnt like all the other presidents on money, right?

Does this mean when Republican signs get vandalized you will report it as well? Kinda like this one in 2006 which some how slipped beneath your radar.

Kris said...

I really hope there is a blog post about every instance of "vandalizism."

Smile said...

Check your facts Paul. Your personal vendetta against this blog since the "Harpool bumper sticker incident" is quite pathetic.

Here you go big guy

Paul Seale said...

Hey smile,

While I stand corrected regarding the particular incident which I posted (looks like it was covered), your post is nothing more than an empty strawman which fails to address the larger point.

Political sign vandalism is common and happens all the time. Heck, I've caught people trying to steel signs out of my own yard in the past.

What I question here is the news worthiness of such a report since it is a common occurance.