Friday, October 17, 2008

Page Camp Calls Canadian Donation Clerical Error

Republican Source: Federal Complaint Against Page Could Be Filed Friday

An Oct. 4th campaign contribution listed on the Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor's ethics report says it's from a company in Canada.

But Sam Page's campaign is calling that a clerical error.

That's because accepting contributions from foreign countries or non-citizens is a violation of federal law.

At issue: a $10,000 campaign contribution to Page from Waverly Glen, with an address listed of Vaughan, ON Canada. It was filed on Page's 24-hour campaign report in early October.

Page's campaign said that address was processed incorrectly. Late Thursday, a person close to the campaign said the donation came from a subsidiary based in St. Louis. The campaign said it was planning to file an amended report Friday.

But a Republican source said that a federal complaint with the Justice Department and Federal Election Commission as early as Friday morning.

Page is locked in an increasingly testy race for Lieutenant Governor with Republican Peter Kinder.


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