Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ike Is Top Obama Ally on Afghanistan

Congressman Ike Skelton has quickly become one of President Obama's top allies and advocate for continuing the mission in Afghanistan and sending additional combat troops.

"It's a tough fight," said Skelton, chairman of the Armed Services Committee, after emerging from a closed door meeting with the White House about benchmarks in Afghanistan.

"But this is a true national security effort, and that's why we need a way to show progress toward a solid outcome," Skelton continued in an interview with the New York Times.

Skelton also seems inclined to support whatever amount of troops that General Stanley McChrystal ultimately requests. "I want to underline the fact that this is a matter of national security. We ought to listen to General McChrystal, and I’m of the opinion to give him what he needs."

"We need to give the general and our military and civilian counterparts time necessary to show that progress is being made," Skelton told the Associated Press. "We actually have a strategy that, if given time and resources and good leaders, which I know we have, we'll have a solid conclusion."


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